Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Perfect Glass Desk

Glass desk is a great solution for the home and office. Our work space has evolved dramatically over recent years and so have our luxury desks.  Our range of glass office tables will create the perfect center point to your working environment.
We offer a stunning range of modern desks in a variety of sizes and finishes, including our popular trestle desk with glass top. As a manufacturer we can make desks to bespoke designs and specific sizes to suit your specific requirements.
Zebra Glass Work Desk

Create an elegant office space with all glass desk. This option will help you to create the open and airy space in your home or office. Custom Glass Table company offers useful storage along unique designs and finishes.

Custom made glass desks are an excellent choice all of which can be ordered online today.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Glass Furniture in Contemporary Design

Glass is a very popular material when it comes to furniture, almost as popular as wood. It’s widely used in modern designs because of its simplicity, versatility and capacity to look delicate and sophisticated without sacrificing durability and strength.
There is a significant trend in interior design, and has been for several years now, involving the use of “invisible” materials, such as acrylic and glass. These substances are making a comeback particularly in contemporary furniture designs, sort of an updated throwback to mid-century designs.
Stalagmite Glass Table

The glass is a perfect material which can be combined with any other materials and can create a great combinations. Custom Glass Furniture is a great solution for sophisticated interiors.

Glass furniture is available in different variations: dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, glass displays, shelving units and many other. Custom glass furniture has become more common over the past years. This is likely due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that, due to glass’s transparency, it showcases the architectural design of the design.
Contact our team and choose your perfect custom glass item.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Want something special? Choose Black Glass Table

Do not be afraid of dark colors. They are rather interesting and captivating. Do not believe in it? Here are our arguments that confirm our words.
Black color, all by itself, is very neutral, and it is possible to include black glass table into any interior color palette. This will be very beneficial for those homeowners who have already finished working on their room decoration and are now looking to spruce it up a bit. Black can be combined with any other interior shade or even shades. It is a great variant for those who are looking for the piece of furniture that will be able to be a centerpiece of the interior.
Printemp Glass Dining Table
Black Glass Table can easily contrast with other furniture. And the contrast will make the space even more bright and modern. If black furniture units in your living room are few, they will act as gorgeous contrasting elements. Sure, one of the most impressive arrangements would be to contrast light walls with dark furniture.
All glass coffee tables which we are offering are made of tempered glass. This is one of the most durable production materials in the furniture market. So, it is totally safe for any family, even the one with little kids.
Just visit our website and see what options we are offering or call us and we’ll assist you online
Radiant Glass Dining Table

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