Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Glass Top - A Great Variant for your Table

You have a great table and want it to remain in the same good condition for a long time? We have a great variant for you! Protect your table with the Glass Top. Using Glass as a protection for your table you can be sure that the table will saved from the damage or scratches.
You can add a glass top to an existing dining table, coffee table or any other kind of tables, in addition, you can make your own table from an old door, a crate or a pallet and simply put a glass top. The glass top is also really great if you want to get a table with a really interesting-looking base.
The transparent glass allows you to draw attention to the base and, instead of hiding it, it will make it stand out. There is no need to worry that the glass can make a shade on your table - we are offering Starphire Ultra Clear glass also! The color of the table will remain exactly the same.
Tables that have glass tops make maintenance really easy. You can easily wipe it clean and don’t have to worry about food or wine staining the table.
All out table tops are custom made - so just contact us and get your glass table top which will fit perfect to your table!

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